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Your Catalyst for Health, Life, Career, and Leadership Transitions and Your Partner for Creative and Effective Healthcare Practices/Operations


Empowering individuals working in healthcare and other service industries to live a values-based authentic life filled with joy, balance and purpose.

Are you in the healthcare or service industry and ready to…

Recover from stress and burnout?

Rekindle joy and balance in life, career and relationships?

Find a fulfilling path to live the happy life you desire?

Create a plan to reach your goals?

Transition to a life aligned with your values and aspirations?

Feel calm and hopeful with a plan for the future?

Leadership and Life Coaching and Holistic Care Provide:


Leadership Coaching

Discover and remove barriers so you can explore your strengths, develop new insights and develop a plan to increase your effectiveness, realize your full potential and achieve value driven and fulfilling career goals.


Life Coaching

Understand current challenges so you can explore options for improving your quality of life, reaching your goals and moving forward feeling more centered, balanced and joyful at work, at home and in relationships.


Holistic Care

Discover and develop customized health improvement techniques so you can find the balance between the mind and body to manage stress, recover from burnout, and live in your best health feeling hopeful, encouraged and calm.

Are you a healthcare leader ready to…

Align and streamline healthcare systems across multiple organizations?

Create leadership development programs that result in effective leadership for your organization.

Redesign care to maximize the scope of practice of your staff and increase satisfaction, retention and excellence in.

Design succession planning to get and keep qualified leaders and staff?


Drive positive transformation in your healthcare setting with strategic guidance that can help your organization improve efficiency, streamline operations, and improve the overall quality of services. Through in-depth research and expert external insight, I provide a vital service to help your healthcare organization adapt to changes, enhance patient care and achieve operational excellence while helping you reduce costs, bring in more revenue and recruit and retain qualified engaged staff.

There’s No Substitute for Experience

At First Quality Consulting, I know that you want to find joy and balance in your health career and life. The problem is that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult with all the demands you face. I understand, perhaps more than most, the pressure you feel and how it can make you feel stressed, hopeless and burnt out.

As a seasoned Healthcare Executive, I have worked with top healthcare systems like Mayo Clinic, Maricopa County and Park Nicollet/Health Partners. My 40 years of healthcare experience in a variety of roles and practices from nursing to administration and program development, ambulatory care across multiple specialties like oncology, hospice and palliative care, cardiology, infusion centers, primary care, procedural care, psychiatry, nursing practice and education, means that when you work with me you’re getting expertise not theory.

When I’m supporting a healthcare practice as it designs and implements new operations or assisting a healthcare staff to find joy and fulfillment in a new position or overcome burnout, I’m a passionate leader who operates with high integrity, is values-based and authentic, and has a wealth of experience to draw from to give you the support and guidance you deserve.


Meg has so much to offer. I’m sure that there would be a lot of nursing and healthcare professionals who would be interested in life coaching around offboarding from their health related careers into retirement, finding ways to continue to contribute to other’s health and wellbeing and live their life’s purpose in a meaningful and professional way without shifts or full-time, heavy responsibilities. Meg is absolutely the right person to help coach them through these big life transitions.

Stephanie Rivery DNP, RN, PHN

Meg has always impressed me with how knowledgeable she is, how generous she is with her time, and how easily she relates to people.

Louise Samuelson, HBScRN, MBA

Meg has firsthand experience of being an effective leader and has been willing to share how she has become a successful leader with others. She knows what it takes to be a successful leader! I have benefitted from Meg’s mentoring in more ways than one. Meg has been influential in my leadership career by inspiring me to learn and is vested in my success as a leader. She is passionate about leadership and goes above and beyond when it comes to mentoring new leaders! I am lucky to have had Meg mentor me as I turned a low-performing department into a high-performing department!

Melissa Milbrandt, BSN, RN

Meg has a great way of working with teams to understand what is needed. To listen and work to engage teams to create processes, policies and procedures, training and timelines to accomplish tasks large and small. Meg is an advocate for the nurses and the nursing profession.

Terri Draxton BS, Clinic Director – HealthPartners



of healthcare workers report feelings of burnout


of nurses and 30% of physicians report feeling high stress


of healthcare workers report they intended to look for a new job

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Oct. 24, 2023 Report; National Library of Medicine, March 30, 2023)

That’s why I personalize my leadership and life coaching, holistic care and healthcare consulting to each client. We’ll co-create your individualized plan that leads to the transformation, focus and success you are seeking.

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