I have had a number of opportunities in my professional career as I coach leaders and also as I made some transitions in my roles, to reflect of the importance of ongoing professional and personal development for success and satisfaction. Twenty five years ago I was busy working on advanced degrees, taking classes, and ongoing development.  The ongoing personal and professional development during that time was almost overwhelming. 

Today, I help individuals who are experiencing some of the same Personal and Career Growth pains.  I am constantly working on developing courses, creating powerful coaching programs, coaching healthcare organizations on improving many facets, working with individuals on career, leadership, and life challenges.   Being so involved in teaching, coaching and mentoring can put us at risk to forget to focus on our own personal and career growth.  As experienced and/or tenured professionals, at times we might fool ourselves into thinking we no longer need to grow.  I have noticed even in myself, I have gone periods where I have forgotten all about my own development, being too focused on everyone else and assisting them to succeed. Nothing could be further from reality.  When we are teaching and mentoring others we need even more attention to our own self-awareness and personal and professional growth. I worked to adapt some questions to help us in our reflection.

Here are five reality-check questions to help you evaluate how you’re doing when it comes to professional and personal growth.

1.     When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

If you can’t remember, make a concerted effort to try something new this week. This is my effort for this week, I haven’t worked doing marketing in the past, so that is my focus this week is to keep learning and trying out Canva

2.     What have you learned and applied this month?

In other words, how are you growing? It might be something as simple as memorizing a poem that inspires you; or reading a new professional journal; or as complicated as learning a new computer program that increases your efficiency at work.

3.     What do you do daily to facilitate your growth?

I use daily email subscriptions and mindfulness practice to help me with this. You might want to try something similar, or you may have other practices that work just as well. Whatever the case, the goal is continual improvement.

4.     Are you teaching others what you are learning?

Leaders often mistakenly think that they have to learn something perfectly before they can pass it on to others. The fact of the matter is that, whether they realize it or not, all leaders transfer what they’re learning to other people. Please remember this can be productive or non-productive.  If you are a workaholic and have no work life balance, or have ineffective communication skills, your employees may learn that from you also.

5.     When is the last time you sought out feedback regarding areas that you might improve?

Getting feedback from a nice variety of sources is extraordinarily helpful. Be sure to take on a receptive and open attitude when you ask for this feedback, inviting both positive feedback and feedback regarding areas you may need to grow or improve upon.  This can shed light on some incredible areas for growth and blind spots you may have had or were struggling to face. This might be the catalyst for you to make that change. 

Using these questions in your professional, leadership, and personal life will provide incredible opportunities and experiences for you to continue to grow, challenge yourself, and develop at a pace that will keep you fresh and performing and living at your best.    You will also notice by taking the time to focus some time on your own growth it will decrease the chance for burnout, fatigue, and put more passion in your teaching and mentoring.  Both you and those you work with deserve nothing less. 

Please reach out and share your stories when you try these steps.  I’d love to hear about your success. If you would like a helping hand to help you reflect and plan further growth, please visit our website. www.firstqualityconsulting.com

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