Meet Meg Hall

Founder of First Quality Consulting

Inspiring, guiding, illuminating and supporting individuals in living a fulfilling and joyful life that authentically aligns with their values and aspirations.


Empowering healthcare professionals and leaders to navigate life and career transitions, overcome barriers and authentically reach their full potential with joy and balance through personalized support and strategic action.


In collaboration with our clients, we navigate the path forward with purposeful intention, curiosity, integrity, insight and acceptance, unveiling life’s possibilities and shaping an authentic, fulfilling journey toward joy and balance.


When I tell you that I understand what life is like working in healthcare or being a leader, those aren’t just words.

I’ve spent 40 years in the healthcare industry in a variety of roles and practices from nursing to nursing and operations administration and program development, ambulatory care across multiple specialties like oncology, hospice and palliative care, cardiology, infusion centers, primary care, procedural care, psychiatry, nursing practice and education.

As a seasoned Healthcare Executive, I have worked with top healthcare systems like Mayo Clinic, Maricopa County and Park Nicollet/Health Partners. For over 20 years, I’ve provided leadership coaching and mentorship to healthcare leaders and 15 years of holistic care, health coaching, and stress and burnout reduction.

When you work with me you’re getting real-life expertise not theory.

I understand the pressure you feel and the stress, hopelessness and burnout it can lead to because I too have felt that. That’s why I am dedicated to helping healthcare personnel navigate the increasing demands to find joy and balance in their health career and life and facilitating strategic operations and redesigns for health organizations to enhance quality, patient care and financial goals.

I help elevate health and wellness through life and leadership coaching, consulting and holistic care.

Meg Hall

Navigating Life and Leadership Challenges

Growing up in an abusive, mentally ill family, I was a frightened, insecure young woman, but I was able to transform myself into a confident, assertive, creative adult. As I moved from nursing to healthcare leadership, I faced new challenges leading teams and mentoring others. My thoughtful and proactive leadership style that focuses on evidence-based work enables me to create trust and buy-in for new initiatives and create stronger teams.

Helping others navigate transitions and live values-driven authentic lives, reach their potential and find joy is the culmination of my life and work experience.

Through Life Coaching in a psychologically safe environment, we explore options for improving your quality of life, reaching your goals and moving forward feeling more centered, balanced and joyful at work, at home and in relationships.

Leadership Coaching helps you discover and remove barriers so you can explore your strengths, develop new insights and develop a plan to increase your effectiveness, realize your full potential and achieve value-driven and fulfilling career goals.

Assisting Healthcare Organizations

As a Healthcare Executive specializing in Nursing, Ambulatory Services and Operations Leadership, I’ve gained valuable insights, knowledge and experience in project management, design, team building, implementation and more.

Using that combined knowledge, creating a psychologically safe environment and an investigative research-driven approach, I collaborate across multiple disciplines to facilitate positive transformation to healthcare settings with strategic guidance based in quality improvement theory that helps organizations improve efficiency, streamline operations and improve the overall quality of services.

I provide a vital service to ensure healthcare organizations adapt to change, enhance patient care and achieve operational excellence while reducing costs, bringing in more revenue and recruiting and retaining qualified engaged staff.

I have developed educational programs and led teams in their improvement of communication, leadership, change management, coaching, quality improvement, Controlled Substance teamwork, documentation, legal awareness, regulatory compliance and relationships with referral and community partners. My current team has over 175 projects they are leading.

My Holistic Approach to Healthcare

I have incorporated Holistic Care throughout my career. As a nurse, I helped people live to their best health and to find that balance between the mind and body.

Over the years, I added holistic techniques like the healing touch, acupressure, essential oils, sound, and other energy-based healing practices to support people and make a difference in their lives.

Holistic care helps you discover and develop customized health improvement techniques to find the balance between the mind and body so you can manage stress, recover from burnout, and live in your best health feeling hopeful, encouraged and calm.