Healthcare Consulting

Driving positive transformation in your healthcare setting with strategic guidance that helps your organization improve efficiency, streamline operations and improve the overall quality and safety of services. We work to align your care with the mission and vision of your organization. We provide a psychologically safe environment for your leaders and staff to share challenges, brainstorm ideas and create new designs.

Are you a healthcare leader who is…

Feeling the pressure of managing complex healthcare systems, staff and constant challenges and changes and not sure how to lead through it?

Dealing with staff shortages, recruitment and retention difficulties and managing conflicts among intergenerational team members and across organizations?

Navigating budget constraints and financial pressures that create increased anxiety and pressure on your emotional state and your day-to-day operations?

Experiencing trouble finding and keeping qualified devoted employees?

Juggling disparate processes from different organizations that aligning will save time, resources and waste?

Seeking improved patient outcomes, safety and overall organizational success?

With 35+ years in healthcare leadership, I specialize in redesigning healthcare and aligning healthcare across multiple organizations. It’s often the fresh eyes of an experienced, detailed healthcare consultant that can develop results and get everyone working smoothly on the same page.





Developing programs across multiple sites/organizations, ie controlled substance management, emergency management, burnout recovery and prevention and leadership development are my specialties. We’ll work together to create programs that adapt to the changes in the industry, enhance patient care and achieve operational excellence.


A succession plan allows your organization to identify and develop talent for key leadership roles for continued stability and success. Yet I know how hard it is to recruit and retain quality workers to have in the leadership pipeline. Let’s work together to assess and develop an effective leadership development plan.


We can lead focus groups so you can learn more about your patient and families and their expectations, understand the challenges in your multigenerational workforce and help them gain understanding and reach new workflows and agreements that will be a compromise for all to create more harmony and effective work solutions. We also enjoy conducting focus groups that are psychologically safe for your teams to share concerns/fears/challenges and to bring forward ideas to improve satisfaction, retention and engagement in the care they provide or lead.


When multiple organizations must align systems it can be challenging for them to find a way to work together, especially when they all believe their way is best. I can help organizations align systems with a streamlined, efficient, high-quality way of doing things that turns disparate ideas into a cohesive plan. We can find clinical best practices and work to develop an aligned new practice with clinical and operational support.


We’ll collaborate to redesign care to maximize the scope of practice of your staff and increase satisfaction, retention and excellence in care. We also can help to redesign your visit, follow up and care processes to improve access, decrease re-admissions and support patients and families in healthcare decisions. Many times we will find ways to centralize processes in a way that makes sense and eliminates duplication of effort.

How It Works

Through in-depth research and expert external insight, we provide a vital service to help your healthcare organization adapt to changes, enhance patient care, maximize efficiency and achieve operational excellence while helping you reduce costs, bring in more revenue and recruit and retain qualified engaged staff.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all plan, we’ll co-create an individualized plan that’s aligned with your healthcare organization’s unique needs.


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