There are many questions these days about life coaching. Who to select, how long to go, how will it benefit me?  Some of the questions that I have heard are: 

I am thinking of enrolling in life coaching.  Is that a good idea? – It depends on what you are looking for.  If you are looking for quick fix answers or someone to fix your life, this might not be the solution

 Should I get a therapist instead?  – many times we are not sure whether we need a life coach or a therapist.  Your life coach can help you explore what might be the best match for you. 

What can a life coaching help me with? – see below

I am going through a significant transition in my life – I am overwhelmed, can coaching help me? Yes – absolutely. This is one of the biggest areas where life coaching can be a tremendous help.

Here is an overview of some of what a life coach can assist with.  It is a personal decision whether this is the right step for you.  You are not broken and can’t be fixed, but so much can be done to improve your life, align your life with your values, and recognize so many options that are in front of you. A life coach will create a safe environment for you, guide you through self discovery, life lessons, and developing a plan to go forward with a focused mind. 

1. **Clarity of Life Goals:** Life coaches assist in defining and clarifying personal and professional goals, helping individuals create a roadmap for their desired future.

2. **Improved Work-Life Balance:** Coaches provide strategies to balance various aspects of life, promoting harmony and reducing stress by setting boundaries and priorities.

3. **Increased Self-Confidence:** Life coaching can boost self-esteem and confidence, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their aspirations with a positive mindset.

4. **Enhanced Decision-Making Skills:** Coaches guide individuals in making more informed decisions, aligning choices with personal values and long-term objectives.

5. **Accountability and Motivation:** Life coaches offer accountability and motivation, encouraging consistent progress towards goals and providing support during challenging times.

When working with a life coach, you can expect many of the experiences outlined below.  These are designed to support you in your self discovery, identifying barriers and sorting through how to overcome those barriers to live your best life and reach goals that have seemed unattainable. If you and your life coach identify more significant challenges that it seems either a medical practitioner or a mental health practitioner needs to provide care, they will advise you of this.  Coaching is not the same as therapy or other medical interventions.  

Expectation of what sessions may include once your coach gets to know you. 

1. Goal Setting: Co-creating specific, measurable, and achievable goals to work towards during the coaching process.

2. Guided Self-Discovery: Exploring your values, strengths, and areas for growth to enhance self-awareness.

3. Action Plans: Developing practical steps and action plans to achieve your identified goals.

4. Accountability: Regular check-ins to monitor progress, keeping you accountable for the commitments you make towards your objectives.

5. Supportive Environment: A non-judgmental and supportive space where you can openly discuss challenges, receive feedback, and celebrate successes.  Your coach is also bound to confidentiality of the topics you discuss.  

Remember, the effectiveness of the coaching relationship often depends on your commitment and active participation in the process.  You get out of coaching what you put in.  Your coach is dedicated to supporting you and guiding you to find insights, talents, barriers, and paths forward.  Many of us have had several coaches over the years – some for personal growth, professional growth, spiritual growth, moving forward from the past and starting with a view forward.  As I have heard many times, your past provides you with life lessons but it is not a life sentence.  Learning from your past so that you can move forward with new insight and a fresh perspective.  You also gain a deep understanding of how your past may have influenced your present and decide if the past is holding you back, or are the lessons helping you reach the quality of life and the joy you so deserve.  

Whatever you decide, we are here to help you.  You can book a discovery call with us to decide if this is possible just the right solution to support your move to an even better life.